Watch: Our “Ask Me” Series FBLive #2 with Steven Thiru, recorded on 25 August 2016

Jom Tanya Steven Thiru on FBLive #2.
Crucial answers to important questions.

This was a live broadcast, streamed via Facebook Live from HAKAM’s Facebook Page and recorded on 25 August 2016.

In this FBLive Session #2 broadcast, Mr Steven Thiru, President of the Malaysian Bar, answered your questions on a number of current Malaysian issues, especially on topics dealing with the administration of justice, the Federal Constitution, the concept of separation of powers, the role of the Malaysian Bar in defending human rights, as well as the role of the Malaysian Bar vis a vis various other institutions such as the Judiciary, Attorney General’s Chambers and law enforcement agencies in Malaysia and his thoughts on the legal profession in Malaysia.

Check out HAKAM FBLive sessions to come.

HAKAM thanks Mr Chacko Vadaketh for moderating this Facebook Live broadcast.

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HAKAM “Ask Me” series on the topic of Malaysian Current Issues.

Malaysians are concerned. HAKAM wants to continue and open up space for Malaysians to have CONVERSATIONS THAT MATTER. We can shape the narration on Malaysia.

In this FBLive Session #2, Mr Steven Thiru, the President of the Malaysian Bar will answer questions you may have on current issues, especially on Malaysian topics dealing with the administration of justice, our Constitution, the role of the Malaysian Bar and various institutions like the Judiciary, Attorney General’s Chambers and law enforcement agencies in Malaysia and how it affects the wellbeing of the people.

On this same day on 25 August, KL High Court is scheduled to deliver its decision on the legal suit the Malaysian Bar has instituted against the AG for closing the corruption investigation against the Prime Minister. You can ask him about the case! ##

Steven Thiru will answer questions on FB Live:
Thursday, 25 August 2016 at 3pm to 4pm.

To facilitate the session, please POST YOUR QUESTIONS
via comments on our website events page or on our FB Event Page or
on twitter @HAKAMalaysia from NOW onwards.
Hashtags to use: #MacamManaMesia or #HowNowMalaysia

Questions will be answered by Steven, in the sequence he chooses. Any questions left unanswered LIVE will be answered by Steven on our FB Event Page as a reply to your question.

1. Please refrain from asking personal questions
2. Kindly ask questions pertaining to current affairs
3. Please do not use vulgarities
4. Please keep in mind everyone is entitled to their own opinion

While we welcome a lively debate, Admin reserves the right to delete and/or censor any post which breach any of the first 3 rules.


## Hear from Steven Thiru on what the Malaysian Bar has stood for, especially in upholding justice. In particular, ask him about the legal action taken or will be taken against those who interfere with the administration of justice.

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Siri “Jom Tanya Saya” bersama Steven Thiru di FBLive:
Khamis, 25 Ogos 2016, 3 ptg – 4 ptg.

di mana beliau akan menjawab soalan-soalan anda mengenai hal-hal terkini yang tertentu di Malaysia secara “live” di laman Facebook kami.

Anda dijemput/digalak untuk menujukan soalan-soalan anda secara terlebih dahulu
sebagai suatu komen di laman acara kami
atau di laman acara Facebook HAKAM
atau melalui twitter @HAKAMalaysia dari sekarang.
Sila gunakan Hashtags: #MacamManaMesia atau #HowNowMalaysia

Steven akan menjawab soalan-soalan anda sebagaimana yang beliau pilih, dan mana-mana soalan yang tidak sempat dijawab dalam sesi “live” akan dijawab secara bertulis di laman acara Facebook kami setelah tamatnya acara ini.

1. Soalan-soalan peribadi tidak akan dilayan
2. Sila hadkan soalan-soalan kepada hal-hal terkini di Malaysia
3. Sila bersopan-santun ketika menceburi acara ini
4. Sila berperihatin kepada dan hormati hak setiap-tiap orang untuk menyuarakan pendirian masing-masing

Walaupun debat dan perbualan aktif dialu-alukan, Penyelia mempunyai hak untuk memadamkan ataupun menapis mana-mana soalan-soalan mahupun komen-komen yang dianggap menyalahi  mana-mana peraturan-peraturan 1-3 di atas.

First posted 18 Aug 2016, Last updated 25 Aug 2016


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