Manek Urai school preparing pupils for floods

Source: The Star Online

KUALA KRAI: He’s just nine, but Irfan Aiman Abdul Rahman is already learning how to prepare for possible floods next month.

On the last day of school yesterday, he and his schoolmates at SK Manek Urai, along with their tea­chers carried the tables, chairs and other furniture from the ground floor to the second floor.

“We are doing this because there may be floods again this year,” said a shy Irfan while moving a table upstairs with another pupil.

Last year’s December floods were so severe in Manek Urai that the water level at the school, which is used as an evacuation centre, reached the third floor.

The school lost most of its furniture to the flood. Even the staff room at the second floor and their computers were not spared.

So the new principal Muzli Mustapha decided this year that they would not be taking any chances.

He got the teachers and students to move the furniture to a higher floor.

“I would like to mentally prepare the students for the floods.

“By carrying the tables and chairs upstairs, I hope this will help instil in them a sense of responsibility and independence and doing whatever they can to reduce the damage if it floods.

“Because they are doing it toget­­her, I hope it will also foster a feeling of cooperation and togetherness.

“This is knowledge they can use at home too if it floods. We have learnt from the past year’s expe­rience and are improving upon it,” he said in an interview.

Despite the massive floods and many of the students having lost their homes, there was quite a bit of cheer in the school when the UPSR results were announced and four out of 66 students scored straight As.

Muzli said only three students scored 5As and one 4As last year.

“Despite the floods, the students did a lot better this time,” said Muzli, who is also doing his PhD on the development of schools.

On Wednesday, the schools had a mini convocation-like ceremony for the Year Six pupils who ended their primary school education with the close of the school term.

“We had them wearing robes to give them a sense of pride in education and to appreciate what they have accomplished.

“It is also a motivation for them to go on studying hard while it serves as something for the younger ones to look forward to,” he said.


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