Educating indigenous children on their rights

Source: The Star Online

JOAS says it is vital to inculcate proper knowledge of the rights of indigenous people to the children when they are still young.

MIRI, 5 August: Jaringan Orang Asal SeMalaysia (JOAS), which is fighting for the rights and welfare of native communities nationwide, will establish a special wing for children during the national conference in Kuching this weekend.

JOAS media coordinator Sze Ning said it was vital to inculcate proper knowledge of the rights of indigenous people to the children when they were still young so that they would grow up with a proper understanding of their position in society.

“The indigenous communities from throughout Sarawak, peninsula Malaysia and Sabah will converge in Kuching city in a show of unity to reassert their rights and status and discuss latest issues affecting them,” she told Sarawak Metro.

“The gathering from Aug 7 to 9 will culminate with the celebration of the national-level World Indigenous Day 2015 that will be hosted by Kuching this year.

A poster promoting the national-level indigenous communities conference.

“JOAS expects hundreds of community leaders from every native groups nationwide to attend to demonstrate their unity with each other.”

The gathering is important for the natives to reassert their rights and welfare and voice their opinions on current issues affecting them.

“The event will serve as a platform for all the indigenous communities to showcase their achievements and highlight current efforts taken by them to improve their standard of life in the place where they live.

“They will also discuss efforts they are taking to reassert their land rights and protect their welfare,” Sze said.

“The event will also be used to voice their current concerns over the latest issues in the country and to be heard by the government in the states and country.”

She said the JOAS Children Network would be launched at the gathering.

“There will also be colourful and exciting displays of culture and dances from across the country, handicraft and photo exhibitions, traditional sports and other interesting events,” Sze added.

In Sarawak alone, there are more than 30 ethnic and sub-ethnic communities and they form 60% of the state population.


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