Special Branch’s revelation a wake up call for enforcement agencies nationwide

Source: The Rakyat Post

SUBANG JAYA, June 3, 2015:

The report compiled by Bukit Aman Special Branch, stating that almost all of the security personnel placed at Malaysian borders are corrupt, is a wake up call for all enforcement agencies nationwide.

This findings, said Deputy Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, showed a clear need for an integrity unit to be formed in every agency under the Home Ministry, including the Immigration, Customs, National Registration Department and Rela.

“Such an initiative has been taken by the police. They have formed an integrity department within the police agency itself.

“But this integrity department needs to be separate from the police set up itself. The department needs to have its own building and its director, must be on the same level as directors from other departments.

“But the police should not be the only one to do so. The Public Service Department should also form one.”

Wan Junaidi was speaking at a press conference at Dorset Grand Hotel Subang, here, where he had presented medals of valour to officers who had served the country during the emergency state.

He expressed his confidence in the integrity unit being able to weed out corrupt officers, so long as certain steps and measures were taken.

“The department needs to be filled with  a sufficient number of officers. It should also be supplied with the necessary support service so it can carry out its responsibilities better.

“I have asked for the former director of JIPS (Bukit Aman’s Integrity and Standard Compliance Department) Senior Deputy Commissioner Datuk Zubaidah Md Ismail to ensure that every state has its own JIPS set up,and I’m sure that the police force is in the process of implementing it.”

Wan Junaidi also suggested that to increase the autonomy of the integrity unit’s directors, they should be made answerable only to the deputy or the director-general of the respective agencies.

“They (the police’s integrity officers) should be independent in other aspects but they must report to the Inspector-General of Police as he is the head of the police force’s discipline body.”

He added the plan to have all agencies under the Ministry form an integrity unit was in the works, with the Ministry looking into the structure of its implementation first.

When asked about Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s suggestion to have the military take over border security, Wan Junaidi said that the duty was very complex and having the military alone would not be enough.

“I’m sure all other agencies have their own functions and the customs department especially still needs to be involved.

“These agencies must strengthen their integrity units and I’m sure that following this revelation, the government will come out with an initiative on how to do so.”

The English daily New Straits Times today published an exclusive with an unnamed source who revealed that 80% of the nation’s security personnel and law enforcement officers at the borders were on the payroll of syndicates dealing with weapons, drugs, and human smuggling.



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